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Semi Customized Glove Options

Semi Customized 22/PC or Limited Series Gloves Now for No Extra Charge!

Thank you for considering making your very own semi custom glove! You might be asking “What is a semi customized glove?” Unlike full customization where you can choose ALL colors, with a semi customized glove you don’t have full color customization options, but you do still have many options. The biggest benefit…NO EXTRA CHARGE for color options.

Below you will find some video examples showing you the part of the glove you will be customizing. Once you go through the videos you will be able to go to virtually any PC/22 or limited series gloves and choose your color options for specific parts of the glove. These include infielders gloves, outfielders gloves, catchers mitts, first base mitts, fast pitch gloves, and slow pitch gloves.

You also have the ability to choose our factory pre softened option where the glove is slightly broken in to speed the time of break in. In addition to being able to choose color options, for additional charge you can add a custom name. BRAND new feature. choose a flag!

Don’t want a custom name or flag? Then there’s NO additional cost.

If you have ANY questions please call 888-529-6864.

Here’s How You Create Your Semi Customized Glove

The first step when in the process of creating your perfect semi customized baseball/softball gloves by Vinci is to choose one of the “custom base models”.  This means choosing one of the following:

22 / PC Series

Limited Series

Catcher’s Mitt, Fast Pitch, First Base Mitt, Fielders Glove


Next, you want to choose your glove leather color:

Leather Color Options:

semi customized


After that, choose your welting color:

semi customized

Then choose your lace color:

semi customized





Then choose your stitching color:

semi customized

You also have a couple more options to decide if you would like to add to your glove.

Custom Name Options:

$20 Extra Charge For Custom Name If Stock Glove allow 4-6 Weeks for delivery

You can also customize the color of the embroidered name.

Finally, choose if you would like to add an embroidered flag to your glove.

Add a Flag Options:

$10 Charge-If Stock Glove Allow 4-6 Weeks For delivery:

USA FlagAmerican flag

USA Flag

Pink Breast Cancer Ribbonbreast cancer ribbon

Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon

Canadian Flag

Canadian flag

Canadian Flag

Dominican Republic Flag


Dominican Republic Flag

Italian Flag


Italian Flag

Mexican Flag


Mexican Flag

Puerto Rico Flag


Puerto Rico Flag

semi customized
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