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Choosing The Right Glove

Baseball / Softball Gloves – What Type Do You Need?

When choosing the right baseball / gloves -what type do you need? Baseball / Softball gloves are manufactured in a variety of designs, types and sizes therefore choosing the right glove is important. They are designed for both the position you play as well as your level of game. Keep the following factors in mind when you decide which glove best suits you. Additionally, a key element in determining the baseball / softball glove you need is the position you play in the field:

Also, baseball glove backs come in several styles:

Gloves by position

Catchers mitt:
A catchers mitt has a thumb pocket and mitten instead of fingers. It is designed with reinforced heavy padding to reduce the impact from the pitcher’s throw, as well as, to withstand the heavy use throughout a game.
First base mitts:
Similar to a catchers mitt, a first base mitt has less padding and in addition a more shallow pocket. Also, it is longer to help the first baseman catch throws from infielders.
Infield gloves:
This is a five-fingered glove coupled with a shallow pocket for rapid transfer of the baseball to the infielder’s throwing arm. Comparatively, shorter infielder gloves are made for second basemen, shortstops, third basemen, and pitchers.
Outfielder gloves:
Longer, five-finger outfielder gloves with deeper pockets are designed to cushion the impact of fly balls. The longer length also provides the glove with more reach and range.
Softball gloves:
Larger five-fingered softball gloves feature an over-sized pocket not only to catch larger softballs but to allow for better control of the ball. .It is equally as important, if you plan to play several positions, to find a glove that provides the most support for a variety of outfield positions.

Glove back styles

Conventional or open back gloves:
Middle infielders generally prefer open back gloves that also feature a wide hand opening.
Closed back:
A closed back baseball glove features a smaller hand opening and finger hole for added grip. In addition, many also have a leather or Velcro wrist strap to adjust the fit of the glove around the wrist.

Our baseball and softball gloves also come with open or closed webbing:

Glove webbing styles

Open web:
Outfielders and third basemen generally prefer open webs with spaces between each piece of leather webbing. As a matter of fact, over the last ten years many middle infielders have gone to the Open I-Web design.
Closed web:
Most pitchers or almost any other position other than first base or catcher can use a closed web design.

Finding the best glove takes some consideration, but the payoff to finding the right baseball glove is a better fit and feel, which correspondingly makes for a more enjoyable game too!

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