Custom Gloves by Vinci

Vinci Custom Baseball Gloves: Creating Your Ideal Glove

When considering a new baseball, fast pitch, or slow pitch softball glove purchase, you have several factors to consider in determining which glove you will choose. Each player is different and may prefer a different fit or a different style. That’s why there are so many Vinci glove models, but Vinci Custom Gloves give you even more options. Vinci Custom Gloves give each player the opportunity to create the ideal glove for him/her. Vinci Custom Baseball and Custom Softball Gloves simply one glove with different color options, several aspects of your glove can be customized so that when you make that new glove purchase, you are getting the fit, the style and the colors that you like best.

The first step when in the process of creating your perfect Vinci is to choose one of the “custom base models” below. The base model provides the structure of your glove. You can select a base model based on the Web style (T-Web, H-Web, Solid, Net-T Web, etc.), the type of glove back (mesh back, flex closed, open back, closed, Vinci modified open, etc.), the glove size, and the position the glove is going to be used for.

Once you have selected the best base model for your glove you can go on to customize it even further by selecting colors for each aspect of the glove, identifying whether you want it to be made for a left or right handed thrower, and adding personalization if desired.

All of our custom gloves come with conditioner for no extra charge! Your custom gloves will be ready to ship out to your destination in 4-6 weeks. If you have any questions please call the office at 888-529-6864 or email us at