Exclusive 13.5 Inch White & Gray Pin hole back glove Right Hand Thrower Only


Exclusive 13.5″ White & Gray Pin hole back glove

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This 13.5 inch white and gray glove is one of our exclusive models. Vinci Pro products are designed with the professional in mind. We have introduced over 40 gloves since Vinci came into the market. This makes us one of the most versatile distributors of high quality and affordable baseball and softball gloves.

We only use the finest US Steer hide and Kip leathers on our gloves. Making our gloves one of the best-made on the market. Due to the overwhelming success in our Limited series, we have introduced the 22/PC series line for the price conscious. Made with the same standards as our Limited, the 22/PC series offers high quality, yet affordable fielders gloves for the everyday player.

The newest introduction to the line of Vinci gloves is our Optimus Series. The Vinci Research and Development department has been working for years to bring you the newest Vinci Pro glove line.

This 13.5 inch white and gray glove made of kip leather features a gray pin hole leather back and is one of our exclusive glove models.

Exclusive 13.5 Inch White and Gray with Pin Hole Back Features:

  • 13.5 Inch
  • H Web
  • 6 oz Kip leather
  • Open Back
  • Gray Pin Hole Leather Back