Miniature Glove Business Card Holder


Holds business cards


Searching for a unique gift that’s affordable and will be cherished forever?  It’s a difficult task for anyone but Vinci makes it easy with its Miniature Baseball Glove Business Card Holder.

Not only do they make a thoughtful gift for expecting parents, but if you look beyond the name, the Vinci Miniature Gloves can make a great gift for business professionals who like to showcase their love of the game.  Using a miniature glove as a business card holder for the desk brings personality to any office.

Our miniature baseball glove business card holders are great for anyone who is a baseball enthusiast. We have three different types. A miniature version of our fielders glove, catchers mitt and our first baseman’s glove. They are all hand made from our top of the line leather.The miniature first baseman’s glove weighs 4oz solo and 9oz in the gift box. Dimensions: 6x3x3.5

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