Here at Vinci, we strive to make our products live up to the high demand of our valued customers. Please take a look below and see what some of our customers are saying.

     — Just received my Vinci MEO24-M model glove today and man am I excited. This glove is fantastic. I can’t wait to get out on the field and use it. It has been a pleasure dealing with the fine folks at Vinci! I will definately be spreading the word about the quality of Vinci products and the great customer service I received.   Mike Orr Montgomery, NY  

  — We ordered some Vinci Youth Sized Bones Batting Gloves, and they came yesterday. Justin was so excited when we gave them to him.  He will be using them this year in T-Ball.  Thank you for these fantastic batting gloves.  Our little guy will get alot of use out of them.   – Mandy Meckler  Intercourse, PA  

  — The baby fielder’s glove arrived today, and all I can say is Wow!  The only way to describe it is beautiful.  The workmanship is exquisite, and I consider it a bargain at your selling price.  It’s a super gift for a little newborn future ball player, and I know his parents are going to love it.  I can guarantee it’s going to be proudly on display in his room for all to see.  Thanks as well for the Vinci leather key ring (for his mom or dad) and the plush baseball that came in the glove.  The “extras” were very generous of you.  Dealing with your company has been a very rewarding experience, and I wish you much continued success in the future.   Sincerely, Ron Foreso  

–I have always worn some more expensive glasses in the past but when I discovered these glasses ( Sport Sunglasses-Black Framed Multi Lens ) it was all over for Bolle and the rest of the big names. I run softball tournaments all year round and these are the best I’ve worn on a consistent basis. Great sunblocking and good fit and I don’t lose them when playing ball even without a band. Durable to a fault, only reason I’m buying another is that someone at a tournament sat on my first pair and busted one of the tailpieces.


–You won’t find a better choice…My 5 y/o loves it!! Light weight, easy break-in, great quality and the looks are first class!! Getting ready to pull the trigger on another Vinci based on how happy we are with the 10.5″!! ( BRV1957 ) Best customer service in the industry as well!! Thanks Vinci….


-I’ve had this glove (  BV41 ) for 3 years and it has been a game changing investment. It is on the heavy side, which happens to be my preference, but once this baby is broken in…WOW. The right combination of quality, durability, and break-in makes this a winner. I have small hands but have used this glove for outfield play in softball and it’s just the glove for me, and hopefully for many others.

-Vinci fan for LIFE


–Easily the best first basemans mitt ( JBV04-Black ) I’ve ever put on my hand. As soon as you pick it up you notice a level of quality rarely found in any of today’s products. It is obvious that these gloves are made with a level of pride and love that is just not found anymore. If you are looking for an incredible feeling glove that will last you for years and years, look no further. I fully expect mine to give me a decade or more, and I wouldn’t sell mine for retail x2.

– Brian Witty

Awsome glove! ( EM53 ) Bought it to practice with my son but rarely see it anymore all the catchers on the team seem to have it most of the time. great perfoming glove, big pocket is very forgiving and the extra padding is a very nice feature. Break in time is not a factor with the conditioner supplyed by Vinci. Actualy got to speek to the president of the company when I called to inquire about the glove, he was extreamly helpfull and acomidateing if this was ebay i would give 5 stars across the board to this company for its prouduct and service!

John Miller

–This catchers mitt ( JCV-VM ) is awesome. the break in time was pretty much on target (2-3 weeks)….just follow Vinci”s instruction….my daughter catches a pitcher that throws in the mid 50 mph and she says she doesn’t even feel the ball.(No STINGING)….i would highly recommend this glove to every catcher out there….

Dan Stewart

–Thanks for making a product like this ( BV100 ). There are so many poorly made softball gloves on the market these days, which is totally unacceptable for a former baseball player. This glove is simply a giant version of a pro-quality baseball glove. I can’t recommend a glove more highly.

– dr42

–Wow. This glove is amazing ( TJ1952-L ). Stiff but not too stiff. Very deep pocket, perfect for softball. I have always used open backs exclusively, but this flex-closed back is truley something else. It feels like it molded right to my hand. I feel like I have an unfair advantage as a fielder, using this glove.

– Ronnie W.

–I love these batting gloves ( #5 Batting Gloves-Bullet Gray ). My wife heard me talking about them and she went out and bought me a pair. I’m soo happy. Now I can throw out my old pair!

– Jeremy

–This is the second pair of these glasses purchased ( Youth Sport Sunglasses-Black Framed ) . First was for my grandson who is an avid cyclist and the second for a friend of his for a birthday gift. Quality made and a great fit for youths.

– Alfred S
Salem, Virginia

–I was able to break in my glove in no time with this kit ( Glove Break-in Kit ) . The glove conditioner worked really well. I can now reshape my glove and the handle works great to open up the fingers because I have big hands.

– Roger

–My son is on his second Vinci-Pro first-baseman mitt, playing for the now 2011 San Diego County Mesa-League champions, the 2011 MetroLeague Tournament Champions and the 2011Las Vegas Blazer-Sportco Champions:Eastlake High School and also the San Diego Show. My son and I love what your company stands for, how it honors a great man and the legacy said man has left behind…Thank you so much!!!


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