Vinci Difference

Vinci strives to produce the best quality product at the lowest possible price. We protect our dealers by strict pricing policies, which in turn ensures you the consumer has a chance to try on our products in more locations.

Our gloves are made utilizing only the highest graded US steer hide and Kip Leather.. By utilizing better leathers, our gloves are manufactured to withstand the test of time. Our leathers also when treated with our Vinci Glove conditioner which comes with every glove, prevent ball spin by creating a sticky film on the leather. We also utilize the thickest pinky and thumb loops which provide better protection for your pinky and thumb. We also utilize thicker supports in the thumb and pinky of our gloves, which allow the glove to retain shape. We utilize heavy duty 100 Tensile strength leather lacing, which we lace through the fingers in all models, and through the middle of our fingers on our larger models, reinforcing the rigidity of the glove. We use only the best pro palm pads and shock pads depending on glove line, and where most palm pads cover only the center of the palm, we extend ours for added protection over a larger surface area.

You can feel confident when purchasing a Vinci product, you not only have the highest quality glove, but your glove will last for years to come.View our complete line of baseball gloves and softball gloves.

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