Womens Fast Pitch Gloves by Vinci

Most Vinci Fast Pitch softball gloves have mesh back reducing the weight and the break-in time. This gives a lighter weight, shorter break in time and also allows them to be squeezed easier to help catch the ball in the deep pocket. All models in our fast pitch softball glove line have a velcro strap that is easy to adjust for a more deluxe feel on the wrist. These gloves also have extra palm padding. If you are looking for a top of the line women’s fast pitch glove for yourself or your daughter, we think you’ve found it right here. Below you will find Vinci Fast Pitch Gloves in these series.

Vinci Optimus Series Fast Pitch Gloves: Optimus gloves are constructed of the highest quality 6.5 oz. kip leather.This leather has proven to be very durable and provides a unique feel that we think Vinci fans will appreciate. Gloves in the Optimus series are also made with rolled welting which makes for a better looking glove. By far, this is the best Vinci Baseball glove series to date, which is why it was named “Optimus,” which is the Latin word meaning “BEST.”

Vinci Mesh Series Fast Pitch Gloves: The Vinci Mesh Series is the finest line of ball gloves that are made with our high quality 5.5 oz kip leather and has a kevlar mesh back. This is the most popular series for our fast pitch players.

Vinci Limited Leather Series Fast Pitch Gloves: Vinci Limited Series is constructed of 5.5 ounce kip leather. We searched all over to find a high end leather that met our standards, but was closer to the feel of our original gloves. Well we found it and made the Limited line with it. These gloves have a very similar feel to our original model gloves, with higher quality materials. We utilized sheepskin finger linings which are found on the top of the line gloves, put a solid palm pad in the pocket for beefed up protection from the ball where you need it most. We pre-treated the leather to allow for quicker break in time, and with all of that still have a glove that is one of the lightest on the market today. Some of what we are known for are still present with this glove, our exclusive thumb and pinky loops, our sturdy stays in fingers in the thumb and pinky reinforce the rigidity of the glove, allowing years of use without getting floppy.

Vinci 22/PC Series Fast Pitch Gloves: The Vinci 22 series is constructed of 5.5 ounce US steer hide leather. The 22 series utilizes our signature deep pocket design, which allows for better control and less spin. We have pre-treated the leather to reduce the break in time and get you on the field sooner. The 22 series utilizes strategically placed “shock Pads” that are sewn into the lining for better palm protection by covering a larger area of the hand. The high-quality Deer Tanned Cowhide interior leather lined finger stalls are specially treated for a more comfortable feel. Our PC gloves are made the exact same way with just with more padding in the palm.

Vinci Fortus Series Fast Pitch Gloves: This glove series is the next step from our Youth/Junior glove series. In this series we utilized lightweight softer steer hide leather for an easy and simple break in time. The gloves in this series specialize from the ages 8-13. If your child is playing on an advanced, club, or travel team please contact the Vinci office at 888-529-6864 to speak with a specialist.

Vinci Fast Pitch Gloves