Fielders Glove Optimus Series – Build Your Own

$399.00 $329.00

Build your own


Build your own Optimus Series fielders glove. When considering a new baseball, fast pitch, or slow pitch softball glove purchase, you have several factors to consider in determining which glove you will choose. Each player is different and may prefer a different fit or a different style. That’s why there are so many Vinci glove models.

Optimus gloves are constructed of the highest quality 6.5 ounce kip leather. This leather has proven to be very durable and provides a unique feel. We utilized leather finger linings in each glove. We also put a solid palm pad in the pocket for beefed up protection. By far, this is the best Vinci Pro Baseball glove series to date.

Building your own custom Optimus Series Vinci Glove gives you even more options. Vinci Custom Gloves give each player the opportunity to create the ideal glove for him/her. Several aspects of your glove can be customized so that when you make that new glove purchase, you are getting the fit, the style and the colors that you like best.

Web style: H-Web, I-Web, Y-Web, Two Piece Web, Net-T Web, Reinforced Net-T Web,  Basket Web, Solid, Six  Finger Web, Dual H Post Web, and Net-Y Web

Glove back: Open Back, Closed Back, and Velcro Strap Back

Customizing your Vinci glove gives you many options which allows you to create that perfect glove you will love for years.

Build your own Optimus Series fielders glove and choose your very own style baseball or softball glove. We have many style and color options available. Questions? 888-529-6864