13.5 Inch Fielders Glove-Limited Series PJV416 in Black




  • Model: PJV416
  • Size: 13.5”
  • Positions: Slow Pitch Softball: Any
  • 5.5 oz. premium kip leather
  • Glove Back: Closed
  • Web: Six Finger
  • Color: Black
  • One year limited warranty – does not include gloves that have been improperly conditioned, steamed, microwaved, or placed in the oven.

The PJV416 is a traditional six finger glove, with our exclusive pocket design for a faster transition of the ball from glove to hand to throw. It utilizes our closed back backing system which provides strength in the wrist area, allowing for those spectacular diving catches.

More than just a glove, every model number and signature has a meaning. Each Vinci model is dedicated to Benjamin Vinci, a father, grandfather and WWII Veteran who left a great impact on so many people. You can find Benjamin Vinci’s signature on each glove we make. He is the reason behind this company, so when you use a Vinci glove, know that the story behind your glove is the story of an American hero. Put on a Vinci fielders glove and Make The Play!

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