Size 11.0 Inch-12.0 Inch Gloves

11.0″-12.0″ Pitcher/Infielder Gloves by Vinci

Our baseball gloves range in colors and size. Check out our 11 -12 inch infielder and pitcher gloves.

Pitching gloves have webs that are designed for players who want to conceal the seams of the ball they’re throwing, while generally being lighter than a traditional fielder’s glove.

In general shortstops or second baseman prefer to have a smaller mitt so they can transfer the ball out of the glove to their hand as quickly as possible. A smaller glove allows for this. Open web gloves are also preferred by middle infielders such as an I-web or H-Web styles. These gloves also tend to have open backs. The modern day ball player doesn’t always fit their entire hand into an infielders glove. This gives better feel and control by “feeling” the ball more in the pocket and lower part of the fingers.

You have the ability to customize your infielders glove by visiting our custom infielders glove page, including shortstop, second and third base mitts.

Sometimes a third baseman may choose a glove of this style, but more often prefers a glove just slightly larger.

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Showing 1–12 of 39 results