12.5 Inch Fielders Glove-RCVH1250-22 Black



12.5 inch fielders glove RCVH1250-22 is constructed of 5.5 oz. premium steer hide leather.

Only the best craftsmen in the world manufacture Vinci gloves. To ensure quality, each craftsman goes through a rigorous apprenticeship. Therefore many have 20+ years of experience in glove making. They’ve laced 100 tensile strength lacing through the fingers on all models, which is unique to our glove lines. They also have a heavy stays in finger supports in the pinky and thumb of the gloves which is thicker then our competitors allowing our glove to retain its shape long after most. We also have supports in each finger stall, as a result they help the wool finger padding to retain shape.

RCVH1250-22 12.5 Inch Fielders Glove Features:

  • Model: RCVH1250-22
  • Size: 12.5”
  • Positions: Baseball: Outfield / Fast Pitch: Any / Slow Pitch Softball: Any
  • 5.5 oz. premium steer hide leather
  • Glove Back: Velcro Strap
  • Web: H-Web
  • Color: Black
  • We offer a one year limited warranty . Our warranty does not include gloves that have been improperly conditioned, steamed, microwaved, or placed in the oven.

Carefully designed to meet all the needs of a serious player, and high quality leather ensures the glove lasts. We specially treated the leather to provide a more comfortable feel. Because we pre-treated the leather, the glove is easier to break in. The shock pads sewn into the lining protect a large portion of the hand, reducing sting and preventing hand injuries. Last but not least, the interior of our glove represents our commitment to a better glove. We also used premium deer tanned cowhide leather lining that has been placed in the finger stalls.

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