First Base Mitt-Optimus Series



The Vinci Optimus First Base Mitt is a glove made from a new top of the line Walnut colored leather. This new leather was selected and rigorously tested for over two years by the Vinci Research and Development team to ensure that the gloves in the Optimus series are Vinci’s best gloves yet! Maintaining Vinci’s Signature Deep Pocket Design while adding even more durability, this 13 inch Vinci First base Mitt is everything you expect from a Vinci glove and so much more. Highlights include a closed back design and Reinforced Dual Post web style. Customization options are available for an additional charge. Customization options for this glove are as follows: Lace colors available in a Custom Vinci Optimus include black, gray, red, tan, white, navy blue, orange, yellow and green. The glove size can be customized with text personalization. For process and shipping of custom orders you can expect a 4 to 6 weeks delivery time. For custom orders on this glove, please contact Vinci Pro by phone at 1.888.529.6864. All orders of the Vinci Pro Optimus First Base Mitt will include Vinci glove conditioner and a Vinci glove bag at no additional charge.

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