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How To Break In A Baseball Glove: Step-by-Step Guide and Demonstration

break in kit breaking in a baseball or softball glove

How To Break In A Baseball Glove

Manually breaking in a baseball glove is superior to having it done mechanically. When you personally break in your glove, you get a closer fit to your hand. You can also more closely control the magnitude of wear and prevent any damage to your glove. While it takes a little time and effort, the advantages to this method make it worthwhile. Additionally, there’s a level of satisfaction players attain after breaking in a baseball glove using their own two hands. It might take some time, but it’s worth it!

How to Break in a Baseball Glove Overnight

The steps below will show how to break in a baseball glove overnight. However, a glove will continue to be more broken in with each play. Preparing it for that first play is what this break-in process is all about. Baseball and softball gloves are stiff and less flexible right out of manufacturing. When you get a new baseball glove, it is necessary to soften the leather for increased flexibility and ease of squeeze. Forming the pocket will ensure better control. Learn quickly how to break in a baseball glove overnight so you can get started playing with your new glove right away!

Warnings About Breaking in a Baseball Glove

Before we get started, it is important to note that there are a couple things that can ruin your glove. Though you may have heard of break-in techniques that include use of a microwave, steam or water, don’t do it. The amount of heat that would cause a glove to be too hot to touch is damaging. A warm glove that is still cool enough to handle with bare hands, is ideal. This can be accomplished by sitting the glove in a warm car. Water is harmful to baseball gloves and should be avoided when breaking in a glove.

Steps to Breaking in a Baseball Glove or Mitt

Follow these steps when breaking in a baseball glove. Each step is essential to the overall outcome of the process. Keep in mind that your glove is not delicate. There is no need to be gentle as you bend, fold, beat and manhandle the glove.

    1. Pre-Condition the Glove or Mitt:

Coat the glove with glove conditioner, avoiding the mesh. The conditioner won’t hurt the mesh, it simply won’t absorb and can leave you with a mess. Be sure to coat the pocket, laces, rear and opening of the inner hand. You can wear gloves to protect your hands but the conditioner won’t hurt your hands either. Gloves are used for quick clean up. The thin layer of conditioner does not need to be left overnight. You can begin breaking in a baseball glove immediately after applying.

    1. Allow to Warm Briefly:

Set the glove in a warm car for approximately twenty minutes or so to warm the glove, but not make it too hot.

    1. Roll the Glove:

Using your hands and the weight of your body, roll the glove side to side.

    1. Beat the Glove:

Using a glove mallet, beat the palm a little. Focus more on beating the inner glove, heel and hinge points. It is best to place on a concrete surface when doing so.

    1. Roll Some More:

Repeat step three.

    1. Shoe Shine Method:

To loosen glove fibers and inner linings, firmly move the heel back and forth simulating a shoe shining motion. Repeat with the fingers and at the point where the lower web joins the glove.

    1. Beat Edges:

Beat along the edges where the seams are with the glove mallet.

    1. Repeat Steps One and Three:

Apply more conditioner to the glove and roll the glove some more.

    1. Place Ball in Pocket and Wrap:

Place the forming pocket ball into the pocket of the glove and wrap the glove tightly. Wrap the glove in an X pattern.

    1. Warm Overnight:

Store the wrapped glove overnight in a warm vehicle.

    1. Manipulation:

In the morning, unwrap the glove and continue to beat, fold and manipulate as needed to complete the glove break-in procedure. Be sure to toss a ball in the pocket area many times to further form the pocket.

Try the Vinci Baseball Glove Break-In Kit

To make breaking in a baseball glove easy, Vinci has developed a glove break-in kit. This exclusive glove break-in kit includes everything you need to effectively break in a baseball or softball glove. The tapered handle of the glove mallet can easily be used to help shape finger stalls. For forming the palm pocket, use the hollow forming ball (or use a baseball or softball if you prefer) with the glove bands.

Included in the kit:

      • Vinci Glove Bag
      • Glove Mallet
      • 2 Glove Bands
      • Rubber Gloves
      • Glove Conditioner
      • Forming Pocket Ball

For Help Breaking in a Baseball Glove

Thank you for choosing a Vinci glove. If you need help breaking in a baseball glove, please feel free to contact us. We support our players and are happy to help you make the play! Email Wayne at with any questions or concerns about breaking in your Vinci glove! Also, check out this video that shows Wayne breaking in a Vinci.