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Customized Baseball Glove Video

Custom GloveWhen ordering a custom glove, it is important to educate yourself about all of the different parts of the glove and what their functions are. Here at Vinci, we can help you build the perfect glove no matter what position you play.

Notes from the Video

As Nick mentioned in the video, Vinci gloves are fully customizable for color, style, and functionality. There are a few things you should know before you come to make your glove though. First, you must know which hand you catch with. This may seem basic, but it’s important to establish this especially if you are buying the glove for a child. Your glove hand should always be the hand you don’t throw with. Second, make sure you know your glove size. A lot of people are unaware that baseball gloves have specific measurements and sizes to ensure that you know approximately what size your glove should be.

Now it’s time to get a little more specific about what you want in your glove. You can choose from a few different options for the backing of your glove. You may choose a specific type of web for the front of the glove depending on which position you play on the diamond. The style of web varies according to the type of plays you’re making. So it’s important to take a look into what the best type of glove is for your position.

Parts of a Baseball Glove

Nick mentions a few other parts of the glove that may not be as familiar to some people. The welting runs vertically behind each finger, providing extra support and strengthening the pocket.

The lace is the parts that weave around through the top of the fingers and into the web.

The binding is on the bottom of the rear side of the glove and provides comfort to the player. Binding provides comfort without rubbing against or digging into the back of the player’s wrist.

Again, all of these parts and more are fully customizable at our Custom Glove page for the full list of options. You can even choose to have your name or a nickname woven into the glove to add that extra bit of personalization. After all, a glove is a part of a player’s style and it’s important to look good while flashing the leather in the field.

Before building your customized glove, find out the correct size for your hand, the type of glove you need, and of course, the hand you catch with. Having those basics out of the way is the key to getting the right glove for your needs. After that, play around with our customizable options and choose the style and color, and personalize your glove the way you want.

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How To Break In A Baseball Glove: Step-by-Step Guide and Demonstration

break in kit breaking in a baseball or softball glove

How To Break In A Baseball Glove

Manually breaking in a baseball glove is superior to having it done mechanically. When you personally break in your glove, you get a closer fit to your hand. You can also more closely control the magnitude of wear and prevent any damage to your glove. While it takes a little time and effort, the advantages to this method make it worthwhile. Additionally, there’s a level of satisfaction players attain after breaking in a baseball glove using their own two hands. It might take some time, but it’s worth it!

How to Break in a Baseball Glove Overnight

The steps below will show how to break in a baseball glove overnight. However, a glove will continue to be more broken in with each play. Preparing it for that first play is what this break-in process is all about. Baseball and softball gloves are stiff and less flexible right out of manufacturing. When you get a new baseball glove, it is necessary to soften the leather for increased flexibility and ease of squeeze. Forming the pocket will ensure better control. Learn quickly how to break in a baseball glove overnight so you can get started playing with your new glove right away!

Warnings About Breaking in a Baseball Glove

Before we get started, it is important to note that there are a couple things that can ruin your glove. Though you may have heard of break-in techniques that include use of a microwave, steam or water, don’t do it. The amount of heat that would cause a glove to be too hot to touch is damaging. A warm glove that is still cool enough to handle with bare hands, is ideal. This can be accomplished by sitting the glove in a warm car. Water is harmful to baseball gloves and should be avoided when breaking in a glove.

Steps to Breaking in a Baseball Glove or Mitt

Follow these steps when breaking in a baseball glove. Each step is essential to the overall outcome of the process. Keep in mind that your glove is not delicate. There is no need to be gentle as you bend, fold, beat and manhandle the glove.

    1. Pre-Condition the Glove or Mitt:

Coat the glove with glove conditioner, avoiding the mesh. The conditioner won’t hurt the mesh, it simply won’t absorb and can leave you with a mess. Be sure to coat the pocket, laces, rear and opening of the inner hand. You can wear gloves to protect your hands but the conditioner won’t hurt your hands either. Gloves are used for quick clean up. The thin layer of conditioner does not need to be left overnight. You can begin breaking in a baseball glove immediately after applying.

    1. Allow to Warm Briefly:

Set the glove in a warm car for approximately twenty minutes or so to warm the glove, but not make it too hot.

    1. Roll the Glove:

Using your hands and the weight of your body, roll the glove side to side.

    1. Beat the Glove:

Using a glove mallet, beat the palm a little. Focus more on beating the inner glove, heel and hinge points. It is best to place on a concrete surface when doing so.

    1. Roll Some More:

Repeat step three.

    1. Shoe Shine Method:

To loosen glove fibers and inner linings, firmly move the heel back and forth simulating a shoe shining motion. Repeat with the fingers and at the point where the lower web joins the glove.

    1. Beat Edges:

Beat along the edges where the seams are with the glove mallet.

    1. Repeat Steps One and Three:

Apply more conditioner to the glove and roll the glove some more.

    1. Place Ball in Pocket and Wrap:

Place the forming pocket ball into the pocket of the glove and wrap the glove tightly. Wrap the glove in an X pattern.

    1. Warm Overnight:

Store the wrapped glove overnight in a warm vehicle.

    1. Manipulation:

In the morning, unwrap the glove and continue to beat, fold and manipulate as needed to complete the glove break-in procedure. Be sure to toss a ball in the pocket area many times to further form the pocket.

Try the Vinci Baseball Glove Break-In Kit

To make breaking in a baseball glove easy, Vinci has developed a glove break-in kit. This exclusive glove break-in kit includes everything you need to effectively break in a baseball or softball glove. The tapered handle of the glove mallet can easily be used to help shape finger stalls. For forming the palm pocket, use the hollow forming ball (or use a baseball or softball if you prefer) with the glove bands.

Included in the kit:

      • Vinci Glove Bag
      • Glove Mallet
      • 2 Glove Bands
      • Rubber Gloves
      • Glove Conditioner
      • Forming Pocket Ball

For Help Breaking in a Baseball Glove

Thank you for choosing a Vinci glove. If you need help breaking in a baseball glove, please feel free to contact us. We support our players and are happy to help you make the play! Email Wayne at with any questions or concerns about breaking in your Vinci glove! Also, check out this video that shows Wayne breaking in a Vinci.

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Best Youth Baseball Gloves for 2021 by Age, Size, Material and Web Style

Youth Baseball Glove


Find The Best Youth Baseball Gloves 

If you have a young player that you are responsible for, you want the best youth baseball gloves.  These model gloves offer a number of important features to protect young players from injury.  They are made especially for younger players.  When you choose one of our  gloves, you get a quality product that was specifically made for younger players.  Professional baseball glove patterns are available in our youth baseball gloves.  We offer several models that are designed for smaller hands yet maintain the quality of a Vinci. The Fortus Advanced Youth Series is the next step from our Youth glove series. In this series we utilized lightweight softer steer hide leather for an easy and simple break in time. We have also beefed up the padding in our Fortus line of gloves therefore becoming more of an advanced youth type of glove. 

Baseball Gloves Made for Safety

There are many aspects that go into making our youth baseball gloves the best.  The primary purpose of our baseball gloves is to protect a young player’s hand.  Pro-grade leather palm pads provide the foundation for preventing injuries.  They absorb the impact of hard hits of the ball, reducing the chance of your player getting hurt.  Our gloves provide this protection without inhibiting your game.

Left Handed Thrower or Right Handed Thrower Kids Models

Gloves can only be the best youth baseball gloves for your player if they are made for the type of thrower he or she is.  Vinci youth baseball gloves are available for left handed throwers or right handed throwers.  Models that are available for left handed throwers include the BRV1961, BRV1951, BRV1957, BRV1953 and BRV1950.  Simply choose which thrower option you desire on the order form.

Which baseball size glove is best for your child?

Determining the best youth baseball gloves for your child is based on a variety of factors.  At this stage, the size of the glove will be of upmost importance.  That’s why Vinci youth baseball gloves come in a variety of sizes.  Starting at a 10 inch size, these gloves can accommodate very small hands.  Other sizes in our youth baseball gloves series include 10.5, 11, 11.5, and 12 inch sizes. Our Fortus series also has 12.5 inch and 13.5 inch gloves as well as 30.5 inch and 32.5  inch catcher’s mitts. No matter which size you need, the best youth baseball gloves manufactured by Vinci will be made from high end pro-grade materials.

Our Materials in 2021

Pro-grade pretreated leather enhances the comfort of our best youth baseball gloves while providing flexibility.  Young players can easily grip the ball due to this easy-to-break in leather.  Vinci’s best youth baseball gloves are lightweight too. Young players appreciate these gloves for quick efficient transfers.


Below is a brief review for all the best youth baseball gloves we carry.  Included in the review are the age recommendations that typically work for each glove.  Listed as well are the sizes, web style and color of each glove model.  All of our gloves come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty for one year.  There are a few restrictions on the warranty.  It will not cover gloves that have been steamed, put in the microwave or oven or haven’t been conditioned properly.  All Vinci youth baseball gloves also have the option to add glove conditioner to the order for the reduced price of one dollar.  In addition to the youth/junior baseball gloves series, Vinci also has a transitional series.  Learn more details about the Youth Transitional Baseball Gloves in the Fortus Series section below.

Vinci Model BRV1961 – Can be used for Ages 3-5 Years

This model glove is made for ages 3-5 years.  The superior quality of this glove is not often found in gloves for players so young.  This 10 inch beauty has a single post web style and an open back.  The black BRV1961 is made for infielders.  Start your young player off right with a Vinci.  They are sure to enjoy the game more when they are fitted with the right equipment.

Vinci Model BRV1951 – Suited for Ages 8-9 Years

The BRV1951 gloves are 11.5 inch fielder’s gloves that are suitable for players ages 8-9.  Infielders and outfielders will appreciate the durability of this glove making it long lasting.  The black glove features a Tombo web style and an open back.  Quality meets comfort in this youth glove.  Learn how to break in your new gloves with easy instructions on the Team Vinci YouTube channel.

Vinci Model BRV1957

This black 10.5 inch youth glove has an I-web design and features an open back.  An infielder glove, the BRV1957 is flexible yet durable and since it is a Vinci glove, it is made to last.  VinciPro gloves make excellent gifts.  Surprise your young player with a new baseball glove from

Vinci Model BRV1953

Made for either infielders or outfielders, the BRV1953 boasts a lightweight design.  With a closed basket web and open back, these youth baseball gloves are functional while helping improve game play. If you are looking for a black 11 inch glove that has a professional feel, the search stops here.  This is the best youth baseball glove made by Vinci to generally fit ages 6-8.

Vinci Model BRV1950

Deep pockets are a Vinci signature and players who use this 12 inch fielder’s glove will notice the Vinci difference.  With characteristics like an H-web and open back, the BRV1950 youth baseball gloves are repeatedly the glove of choice.

Best Youth in Transition Baseball Gloves for 2021

As players grow physically and in their athletic ability, a time will come when youth baseball gloves will no longer suffice.  The transition from our  youth models to adult models is an exciting time! developed a series that specifically works well for the transition.  If you already have a Vinci youth glove, you already know about the quality materials, deep pocket design and comfort of a Vinci.  Fortus Series gloves introduce you to other elements of a Vinci like thick pinky and thumb loops for added protection.  Vinci Fortus Series gloves retain their shape due to thick supports in the pinky and thumb as well.  Extended palm pads and extra leather lacing are other perks of owning a Fortus Series glove. 

Vinci Fortus Series 11.5 Inch Fielder’s Glove

Ideal for the casual player, this glove is one of the best transitional youth baseball gloves.  It can be used for youth or adults.  An open back glove in brown and black, this fielder’s glove is definitely worth checking out.

Vinci Fortus 32.5 Inch Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt

The Fortus Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt comes in navy blue and black.  Catcher’s young and old will appreciate the quality that this Vinci catcher’s mitt has to offer.  Dual Post H-Web and Velcro are just a couple things you’ll like about this one

Vinci Fortus Series 12 Inch Fielder’s Glove Red and Black

A popular choice, this glove is another transitional glove that Vinci offers.  The red and black color is accented with white lace.  It features Velcro and a Net-T back.

Why was established in 1997 but the Vinci legacy started long before then.  The owner, Pete Vinci started playing at the age of 5 but his love of the game started even before that.  Working together with his son Peter, Vinci has introduced several lines of baseball and softball gloves.  Each series brings forth the quality for which VinciPro has earned its reputation.  Dozens of professional players use Vinci gloves as they play and for good reason.  This family company has taken a passion for baseball and filled a need for players throughout the United States.  We are confident that our best youth baseball gloves will be a good fit for your young player.

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Fastpitch Softball Gloves – Learn About Weight, Size, Material, Fit and Options

Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Shopping for fastpitch softball gloves doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Learn about important aspects of fastpitch softball gloves and your choices. Let’s find the perfect fastpitch softball gloves for you!

Fastpitch Softball Gloves Weight

Weight plays a part in the functionality of Fastpitch Softball Gloves. Players don’t want a glove that is too heavy to hold or balance as they change the ball from hand to hand. The weight can also have an effect on the ease of squeeze. Choosing Fastpitch Softball Gloves with a lighter weight may be easier for breaking in as well. Vinci’s Fastpitch Softball Gloves in the Mesh Series tend to be popular due to the preferred weight, break-in time and ease of squeeze.

Fastpitch Softball Gloves Size

Fastpitch softball gloves differ from baseball gloves in several key ways. Fastpitch softball gloves are made in a range of sizes from 11.5 inches to up to 13 inches in most cases. Baseball players’ gloves typically range in sizes from 10 inches to 12.75 inches. The ordering size of fastpitch softball gloves is not the only difference in size. Fastpitch softball gloves also require a different size pocket as the balls are not the same for these two sports. The deeper pocket of fastpitch softball gloves create a shorter glove overall. Fastpitch softball gloves are also wider to accommodate the larger ball. Smaller hand openings and finger stalls are designed for fastpitch softball gloves.

Fastpitch Softball Gloves Fit

Players wearing fastpitch softball gloves actually prefer a tighter fit. Fastpitch softball gloves often times come with Velcro to facilitate a tighter wear. In fact, all of Vinci’s Fastpitch Softball Gloves have a Velcro strap. This enhances the range of fit possibilities, ensuring your glove fits as tight as you like it to fit.

Fastpitch Softball Gloves on has developed five series of fastpitch softball gloves. Each series has its own set of characteristics. However, all our fastpitch softball gloves have a Velcro strap so that there is a great range of adjustability. All the fastpitch softball gloves we manufacture are also made with added palm padding.

Fastpitch Softball Gloves in Optimus Series

The best fastpitch softball gloves series, or the Vinci Optimus Series, features gloves with the aesthetically pleasing rolled welting. These gloves don’t just look good either. Made from 6.5 ounces of kip leather, the Optimus Fastpitch Softball Gloves are durable.

Fastpitch Softball Gloves in Mesh Series

If you are looking for fastpitch softball gloves that are a little lighter, try the Vinci Mesh Series Fastpitch Softball Gloves. These gloves are constructed with 5.5 ounces of the kip leather but also feature a Kevlar mesh back, improving your ease of squeeze. This also enables the gloves to have a shorter break-in time, making it one of the most popular Vinci Fastpitch Softball Gloves.

Fastpitch Softball Gloves Limited Leather

Highlights of our Limited Leather Fastpitch Softball Gloves include sheepskin finger linings, solid palm pad, pre-treated kip leather, as well as thumb and pinky loops. These sturdy stays help the glove hold up over time.

Fastpitch Softball Gloves 22 Series

Vinci’s deep pocket design can be found on fastpitch softball gloves in the 22 Series, leading to less spin and better control. The finger stalls are more comfortable due to a deer tanned cowhide leather interior. Constructed from 5 ounces of US Steer Hide, these gloves have a shock pad sewn into the palm. This better protects the hand from impact.

Fastpitch Softball Gloves Fortus

Transitioning from a youth glove to an adult glove? The Fortus Series is the place to start. These are typically a step up from our junior gloves. We recommend that if this is the case, you call and speak to a product specialist so we can direct you to the best glove for your particular needs. Call 1-888-529-6864 and a specialist will be happy to assist you.

Fastpitch Softball Gloves Care

Once you have selected and ordered your Fastpitch Softball Gloves, you will want to provide proper care for the glove. Conditioning the leather is the first step in caring for fastpitch softball gloves. When you purchase from, Vinci will send you leather conditioner complimentary. You will want to wear latex gloves as you apply the conditioner to all parts of your glove including the rear, pocket and laces. Be careful to not use too much conditioner as this is actually not good for your glove. Forming the pocket of your glove is the next step. Vinci offers information on how to do this on the resources tab of our website. We also offer a break-in kit for a nominal fee. Breaking in your fastpitch softball gloves is next in glove care.

Custom Fastpitch Softball Gloves

If you have ever wanted to design your own fastpitch softball glove, Vinci can help you achieve this. Custom gloves can be created using a simple form utilizing drop down menus for each item that can be customized. You decide what type of web, glove back, size, and colors for every aspect of the glove. Our custom gloves can also be personalized so that your name is right on the glove! So not only do you get everything you ever wanted in a glove, you also get to put your name on it. Trust us, it’s pretty cool having your name on a glove.

Fastpitch Softball Gloves – Why Choose VinciPro

Vinci Fastpitch Softball Gloves are manufactured with quality as number one priority. This is why many professional players use Vinci gloves as they train and play. Our hand crafted fastpitch softball gloves are designed with players in mind. You want a glove that will help you play your best game and we want Vinci to be the name on your glove as you do. is a company that was founded by player Pete Vinci. He has played the game of baseball since he was five years old. He not only knows what players want, he works tirelessly to give players what they need in a glove.

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The Importance of Sleep for Young Athletes

Guest Post by Rest Right Mattress
For the family that has one or more kids who actively play sports, getting everything done throughout the day can seem overwhelming. School, practice, games, other extracurricular activities and homework can take up so much time that bedtime gets pushed later. Keeping kids active is great for their health but it is also very important that kids get sufficient sleep as well. According to WebMD, by the time kids are in high school up to 75% report they aren’t getting the recommended amount each night.
There are many benefits of getting sufficient sleep, and it is especially important for kids. Benefits include improved memory and increased energy. Studies have concluded that kids who play sports and get enough sleep are less likely to be injured. Speed improvements have also been identified as a benefit of sleep. The National Sleep Foundation states growth hormones are released as you sleep which leads to muscle development and the increase in blood flow to muscles while sleeping aids in muscle recovery. All these benefits offer a child or teen athlete an advantage but most importantly, they support healthy development.
Children and adolescents have differing sleep recommendations. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine lists their recommendations by age here, though active kids may require more sleep than the average. While you might not be able to find extra time in your day, there are a few things you can do to help ensure your child gets as much quality sleep as possible.
As a sports parent, the first thing you can do might come easy for you. Chances are you are already good at maintaining a schedule throughout your day, week, month and possibly even year so maintaining a scheduled bedtime will be the first thing that you can do. Having a scheduled bedtime will ensure that your child gets a set amount of sleep each night, provided they can get to sleep within minutes of laying down which will become easier as the body adapts to the schedule.
Another step that you can take to help your child get adequate sleep is to remove electronics from the equation at least a half hour or so before their set bedtime and limit caffeine. Light emitted from the screens can interrupt signals that it is time to sleep because sleep is a naturally regulated function of the body that is affected by light and dark. Light tells the brain that it is time to wake and dark tells it that it is time to sleep.
Provide your child a bedroom environment conducive to sleep. A cool, dark and quiet room is recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. This works hand in hand with removing electronics, so the room should also be television free.
If you can teach your child time management skills, it can help now and later. You already have an idea of how to manage your time in the morning, you probably can pinpoint to the minute how late you can wake up and still stay on schedule in the morning. Do the same for your evening routine. Determine what specifically needs done before bedtime and how much time that will take. Then have a steadfast rule that the evening ritual starts at a set time, sufficient to complete all tasks before the scheduled bedtime. If your child or teenager can develop good time management skills this routine can be followed allowing for the sleep your kid needs. These time management skills should help as your child becomes a teen and their circadian rhythms shift, giving them a natural inclination to stay up later. Their new bedtime might be a little later, but by incorporating their newfound skills, they can adapt and still achieve sufficient sleep.

Sufficient Sleep Has Its Benefits

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An interview with Chicago White Sox pitcher Carlos Torres.

It is the professional athlete who first draws us to any sport. Pro-athletes focus our attention, magnify our excitement and serve as models for our aspirations.

In the big leagues, where players spend years searching for any possible advantage over their competition, choosing the appropriate athletic equipment can mean the difference between winning and losing. 

We recently spoke with one of our favorite players – Chicago White Sox and 2010 MiLB All-Star pitcher Carlos Torres – to discuss his life, his game, and why he uses Vinci gloves. Here are some highlights of the interviews.

Vinci (V):  Carlos, I want to congratulate you on your recent honors. (Carlos is just the 9th pitcher ever to be named AAA pitcher of the week 3 times in a single season.) I also want to thank you for taking time to answer our questions.

Torres (CT): De Nada.

V: We know that you were drafted by the White Sox organization in 2004 out of Kansas State but can you tell us a bit about the role that sports played in your childhood?

CT: To tell you the truth, I never really liked sports growing up; it was the competition that I craved. My father was my biggest influence. When he would get home from work, he would make time to teach me anything he could about sports. Drills and bullpens were usually our thing. That was really the only thing that was ours. In high school I wanted to stop playing a few times but never did because that was how my father and I shared feelings and emotions.

V: I’m sure a lot of folks in Chicago and Charlotte are happy that you stuck with it. Do you have any favorite baseball memories?

CT: All of little league if I have to say. It was one of the few times you played because it was fun and pure. My favorite baseball movie is The Sandlot. Just because those were the times where baseball was the best.

V: Cool. Let’s talk a little about gloves. How important is it for a pitcher at your level to have a high-quality glove?

CT: Gloves are as important to a pitcher as a bat is to a batter.  They save you from getting hit by a ball every day. I grew up poor, so I had plastic gloves my whole life until college. They always ripped and the laces would break. Having quality makes you realize what you missed out on.

V: You currently use 3 models of Vinci gloves: a 12″  MV30 Custom Pro, VN75-L (also a 12”) do you have a favorite?

CT: I am partial to the MV30; it’s the first glove I pitched with in the major leagues. It is also the first glove I have ever put a finger in every slot and didn’t put two in the pinkie, like outfielders do.  I usually do that because I want to feel a deeper pocket but with this model, I like the feel of its pocket.  Also, the outfielder’s glove  singlehandedly saved me 6 hits this year. It’s the size of an outfield glove but the same weight as a shortstop’s glove; that means you’re pretty good at fielding your position.

V: How many different brands of gloves have you used playing college and professional baseball?

CT: I went to 5 colleges in 4 years and every college had a different sponsor.  And in professional ball, I had three other brands until I was introduced to Vinci by my homey for life (Chicago pitcher) Derek Rodriguez.

V:   How do your Vinci gloves compare with the other brands you’ve used?

CT: Vinci has a better feel. Mass-producing makes you look for every corner you can cut to save money.  Vinci doesn’t do that.  They are quality and you feel it when you get it. I haven’t had a lace break yet.  I have taken my gloves to the edge and am trying to find out how long it will take, but I haven’t done it yet and it has been 2 years.  I keep tightening my gloves and not changing laces like you should, just to see how the glove holds up.  And it does!

I haven’t run into another company who cares, like, literally cares, as much as Vinci.  I have buddies with every glove you see and none of them ever receives what they asked for, or they can’t get a hold of their rep, or the glove takes too long to get there!  I could make one phone call and I could have it the next day no question.  Exactly what I ask for every time.

V:  Vinci has always been about family so it’s nice to hear how instrumental your father was in your development as a player.

CT: I asked Pete Vinci for two favors.  I asked him to put my daughter’s name on my glove and to put my father’s name on my glove.  The two people who have impacted my life beyond everyone else, and he did.  Those are people who care. Read the Vinci story and about Benjamin Vinci off of the website and you will realize how different this company is.

V:  Well, thanks again for taking time to answer our questions. We wish you continued success in Chicago and Charlotte.

CT: I’m just happy to be pitching.

Carlos Torres has just been named to the 2010 International League All-Star Team as the starting pitcher for the second year in a row. The game will be nationally televised on July 14, 2010.  Torres has used Vinci gloves since 2008. His first major league appearance was July 22, 2009 with the Chicago White Sox playing the Tampa Bay Rays where he pitched 6 strong innings to record a quality start. Torres continues to have one of the most decorated careers in AAA Charlotte Knights franchise history.