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Customized Baseball Glove Video

Custom GloveWhen ordering a custom glove, it is important to educate yourself about all of the different parts of the glove and what their functions are. Here at Vinci, we can help you build the perfect glove no matter what position you play.

Notes from the Video

As Nick mentioned in the video, Vinci gloves are fully customizable for color, style, and functionality. There are a few things you should know before you come to make your glove though. First, you must know which hand you catch with. This may seem basic, but it’s important to establish this especially if you are buying the glove for a child. Your glove hand should always be the hand you don’t throw with. Second, make sure you know your glove size. A lot of people are unaware that baseball gloves have specific measurements and sizes to ensure that you know approximately what size your glove should be.

Now it’s time to get a little more specific about what you want in your glove. You can choose from a few different options for the backing of your glove. You may choose a specific type of web for the front of the glove depending on which position you play on the diamond. The style of web varies according to the type of plays you’re making. So it’s important to take a look into what the best type of glove is for your position.

Parts of a Baseball Glove

Nick mentions a few other parts of the glove that may not be as familiar to some people. The welting runs vertically behind each finger, providing extra support and strengthening the pocket.

The lace is the parts that weave around through the top of the fingers and into the web.

The binding is on the bottom of the rear side of the glove and provides comfort to the player. Binding provides comfort without rubbing against or digging into the back of the player’s wrist.

Again, all of these parts and more are fully customizable at our Custom Glove page for the full list of options. You can even choose to have your name or a nickname woven into the glove to add that extra bit of personalization. After all, a glove is a part of a player’s style and it’s important to look good while flashing the leather in the field.

Before building your customized glove, find out the correct size for your hand, the type of glove you need, and of course, the hand you catch with. Having those basics out of the way is the key to getting the right glove for your needs. After that, play around with our customizable options and choose the style and color, and personalize your glove the way you want.

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How to Find the Right Baseball Glove

baseball softball glove how to choose the right glove

Like with any sporting gear or equipment, choosing the right baseball glove for your needs is essential to succeeding on the diamond. For children, there are a few factors to take into account but often times they are not locked into a specific position yet so you can be a little more flexible with the type of glove to get them. For adults, it pays to be more particular about glove selection since position, durability, and material all play factors into how a certain glove feels and performs. Baseball gloves can be extremely personal and are a visual symbol of a player’s style and ability. From Little League to the Major Leagues, every player takes time to find the glove that suits them the best for their needs and allows them to perform at the top of their game.

When children are just starting out in the game, it is important to find a durable glove that fits comfortably and is the correct hand. These may sound like rudimentary things to consider, but it’s quite common to see children running around with gloves that are much too large for their hands, with parents hoping that they will grow into them. Not only do these oversized gloves make it difficult for children to catch a ball, but it also hinders the development of their overall catching skills.

Oversized gloves can also be heavier for their developing anatomy, causing unnecessary strain to their wrists and hands. As parents you should aim to purchase a glove that the child can squeeze closed fairly easily allowing them the least amount of resistance when catching a ball. As with most other apparel or clothing, children will continue to outgrow gloves as they progress from season to season so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they outgrow multiple gloves during their childhood.

Adults have a little more personalized customization that they can look for when choosing a glove (see Vinci’s Custom Glove Builder option for more details). Positional variance is one thing to look at when deciding on a glove. The webbing is a key feature of every glove that players often have a preference for. For example if you are a pitcher you may opt for a basket web or a two-piece web so that the ball is concealed from the batter and it is easier to disguise the grip you have on the ball. If you are an infielder taking hard balls through the dirt you may prefer the H-Web or I-Web that allows dirt and other debris to fall through the holes, ensuring a clean ball that won’t slip out of your hand when throwing. Outfielders may prefer a 6 finger web with a deeper pocket to soften the blow from high pop flys. First basemen and catchers have their own specific type of gloves as well, given the velocity that the ball is often travelling when it reaches their gloves.

For children and adults, it is vital to find a glove that fits your hand properly and feels secure, otherwise it could affect your performance on the field. Your glove should be durable and it should be able to be squeezed close without much resistance, when new. The style and color is up to your own personal preference, but keep in mind the different types of gloves for each position.

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