Exclusive 13 Inch Fielders Glove-Limited Series BMB-OB Red/White/Blue with Flag




  • Model: BMB-OB
  • Size: 13”
  • Position: Baseball: Outfield / Slow Pitch: Any / Fast Pitch: Any
  • 5.5 oz. Kip leather
  • Leather back
  • H Web
  • Red, White, and Blue with the American Flag
  • Pro guard palm pad
  • One year limited Warranty – does not include gloves that have been improperly conditioned, steamed, microwaved, or placed in the oven.

Show off your American pride with the Vinci Limited Series outfielder’s glove. Our 13” glove is hand crafted in red, white, and blue high quality 5.5 oz. kip leather with an American flag detail. The attention grabbing design features the open back webbing that outfields prefer, with longer fingers for optimum reach and range. Our superior craftsmanship, will help you make the play for years to come.

All of our Vinci Limited Series gloves have sheepskin finger linings, a solid Pro guard palm pad in the pocket, our exclusive thumb and pinky loops, and sturdy stays in the fingers. This high quality craftsmanship allows for reinforced rigidity, durability, and superior protection, all while remaining one of the lightest gloves on the market today. Our leather is pre-treated to allow for a quicker break in time, getting your Vinci glove in the game and making plays earlier than before.
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