11.5 Inch Fielders Glove-Optimus Series JC Walnut



Vinci’s Optimus JC combines functionality and style for a glove that looks great and kills on the field. Versatile enough to be used for both pitcher and infield positions, the rolled leather welting and the high quality 6.5 oz. kip leather will ensure you get noticed for your glove as well as for winning. Tested gruelingly over two years, the leather is made to play hard and last even with constant use. Looking for something unique?


  • Model: Optimus JC
  • Size: 11.5”
  • Positions: Infield and pitcher
  • 6.5 oz. premium kip leather
  • Open back
  • Net-T Web
  • Walnut
  • One year limited warranty – does not include gloves that have been improperly conditioned, steamed, microwaved, or placed in the oven.




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